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Who we are?

We are a group of volunteers who were born in the Lasallian family, with the purpose to accompany, and trying to get closer to those unprotected people of our society, the homeless, trying to carry some heat to their cold nights.

For this, we usually go out in groups every Friday offering the homeless coffees and soups. We attend their basic needs and all this is made as a means to aspire to their confidence, through dialogue, affection, and by trying to understand their situations. Summing up, we are fighting to tear their invisibility apart.

When they are hospitalized, we follow them up.

We carry out awareness campaigns through talks at schools and associations in order to break down the stereotypes our society applies to them.

We also try to carry them some material heat, giving them sleeping bags, blankets, insulations, underwear, socks, scarf, as well as items for personal hygiene.

All this is exclusively financed with the contributions of our fellows and with punctual donations coming from particulars, associations and enterprises, as well as with activities and events that the Association “Calor en la Noche” arranges to raise money.