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How to colaborate?

For collaborating and taking part of “Calor en la Noche” there are several ways:


If you want to be a member of “Calor en la Noche” you can do it by filling up the membership document with your personal data. The contributions depend of whatever one may give from 5€ per month to any quarterly or annual amount.

Enrolling as a member you will have voice and vote in the assemblies for members, taking part in it and helping the Association to continue its way.

Download the membership document


If you want to become a volunteer there are several ways:

  • Observant volunteer: many of us, due to our family burdens or personal situations, may not have enough time for going out on a route with the association, so a good way to collaborate is to look at who and where a person may be sleeping and to notify her/his situation to the Association.
  • Service volunteer: Just like in the way above, another way to collaborate without going out is to prepare the soup on Fridays, going in the turns of soup preparation since the soup we give them is homemade and it is made with affection. The association, in its week’s turn, would deliver the thermos bottles to fill up.
  • Street volunteer: This is the volunteering that goes out on Fridays in Cádiz and San Fernando and also on Tuesdays in San Fernando to the street to carry out primary attention services in order to carry some human heat to the homeless. For this you have to fill in a volunteer form to make up in any of the teams that go out to the street.

All this ways are not exclusive, so you can choose just one, two, or them all.

Download form of volunteer.